Vision Grant Opportunities

(To be awarded no later than July 1 in every year funds are available)

Using funds generously donated to the Vice Chancellor’s Vision Fund and the McKay Leadership Fund, up to $7,500 is made available for internal grants that present staff the opportunity to create new and innovative programs that are cutting edge, best practice, and/or efficiency-based. These grants will be awarded based on the following:

  • Innovation – Proposals based on new research, new concepts, and new activities – currently not at UNCG
  • Best Practice: Proposals based on solid research and practice from the profession or other institutions, which are new to UNCG
  • Efficiency – Will this proposal lead to savings of resources (time/human resources, financial resources, information technology resources, etc.)?

Deadline: May 31
Funding Period: August – May
Budget Limit: $2,500 individually or $5,000 for collaborative projects submitted by staff across departmental lines (subject to change depending on available funds)
Eligibility: Full-time staff

General Guidelines

  • Grants will be awarded on merit and determined efficacy.
  • If the grant application is from multiple individuals, the role of each collaborator must be clearly defined in the proposal
  • The entire grant proposal must not exceed ten (10) pages, including all appendices and signature pages.
  • The grant funding must be used as described in the grant application unless approval is granted otherwise by the Vice Chancellor.

Proposal Review Process

A call for proposals will be issued by April 1 of each year that funds are available. Proposals will be submitted to the Grant Review Committee in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs by June 1. This committee will make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for final decisions and recipients will be notified by July 1.

All grant applications must contain the following:

  1. Name of Program/Service
  2. Executive Summary/abstract
  3. Contact person(s): Who is submitting this proposal and will see it through until the end?
  4. Department
  5. Overview/description of Proposed Program/Service: Provide a description of the program and/or service and its purpose.
  6. Statement of need: Why is this important?
  7. Target audience(s): List who this project is targeting.
  8. Objectives: must be strategic and measurable.
  9. Budget: What is the overall budget and how is that broken down by component? (Funds cannot be used for travel or add pays for staff.)
  10. Schedule of Project
  11. Signatures of department head and project proposers